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The ABC's of Sleep

The ABC’s Of Sleep is the classic rhyming book you can read to your child at naptime, bedtime and anytime you see fit!

You might not realize that the letters of the alphabet can get tired! The ABC’s Of Sleep is now ready and excited for a sleep break! Our bestie learning friends take action and get the sleep they want and need. These sleepy ABCs show us how happy they are to go to bed, dream, sleep, AND wake up refreshed!

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The Sleepy List

Getting prepared for bedtime is a anxious but relaxing journey. Parents, toddlers and their babies will experience a flexible step by step of quiet playtime, bath time and putting your child to bed at their sweet spot that does not create a fuss or fight. Journey along with us as the everyday family preps for bedtime and share lots of love, kisses, hugs, bedtime wishes, and satisfying sweet dreaming.

Client Reviews

This is an adorable, sweet and also really practical book to help kids of all different ages learn about what sleep does for your mind/ health and why sleep is important. I think it's also worth noting it is written by someone (Amber) who really knows what they are talking about in terms of good sleep habits for children. The illustrations are really cute, and it is a timeless add to any nursery library as it addresses issues/ questions kids of all ages will have about sleeping to help them fall and stay asleep (and adults get more sleep too :). Highly recommend!


A great book written by an actual pediatric sleep expert!

My two boys (ages 3 and 6) and I love this book! It is a very creative and kid friendly way to teach about good sleep habits and also helps kids learn their letters. The author did an amazing job of rhyming with fun phrases and words and the illustrations are so cute! My youngest son kept on going back through the book to find all his favorite letters! This book will definitely be a family favorite for us.

Amber Thomas

Great book for teaching letters and the importance of a good sleep routine!

This book was helpful when discussing the importance of sleep with a toddler to 6 year old. Adorable pictures.

WN Atlanta

Sleep time for kids book

The ABC’s of Sleep is such a beautiful book. The writing and illustration flows together gracefully, and so sweet. I loved reading this book to my children and they enjoyed hearing it. If you are looking for a great bedtime book or just a children book in general this is the perfect book. One person found this helpful

Stephanie Gilmore


Such an adorable, fun book for both parents and little ones to read! Goes over helpful sleep tips in an easy, entertaining way. The illustrations are colorful, beautiful, and full of amazing details to discover. Would recommend to any new parents.

Steven jones

Perfect for parents and little ones!

The best children’s book ever! I recommend this to anyone who has kids! This book is very soothing and calming for my 2 year old and helped with getting her to sleep easily. The graphics were also very eye catching to my daughter.

Nyela Sheppard

My twins thought this was so cute. They love their ABC books and being able to teach them to keep their good sleep routine is fantastic. It's like having a little piece of Amber with us. We love it!

Kindle Customer

Great bedtime book for toddlers!

We loved this book!!! So great for bedtime and introducing sleep and the alphabet. Definitely worth the purchase and would make a fantastic gift!!


So great! Buy it now!!